Saturday, 5 May 2012

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Miguel Cotto vs Floyd Mayweather Jr. Live Streaming PPV Boxing & More On Fox.TV!
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UPCOMING INFO : Miguel Cotto vs Floyd Mayweather Jr.
COMPETITION NAME : Cotto's WBA Title 2012
COMPETITOR : Cotto vs Mayweather Jr.
DATE : Saturday, 05Th,May,2012
TIME/WHEN START : 09:00 PM [ET] / 06:00 PM [PT]
VENUE : Las Vegas
Miguel Cotto vs Floyd Mayweather Jr. Live Exclusive PPV Odds Boxing Preview,Tickets & More On Fox.TV!





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[¬]Miguel Cotto vs Floyd Mayweather Jr. Live Story Line :-
Fight fans, once again, it's the biggest fight week of the calendar year. With the Cinco De Mayo holiday weekend approaching, that can only mean one thing. We have the biggest pay-per-view star of boxing returning to the ring, Floyd Mayweather Jr., who will be going up back up to 154 pounds to fight Puerto Rican star Miguel Cotto for his WBA championship belt.
Some quick updates to get everyone up to speed. Cotto will be earning his highest purse ever, and it has been reported that he will be making around $30 million just for this fight with Mayweather.
Floyd has been uncharacteristically respectful and even praised his opponent Cotto by telling the media that he's a solid, good opponent and should be viewed as undefeated. Floyd notes that Cotto's only two losses were to an alleged loaded Antonio Margarito and to Manny Pacquiao at a catch-weight, which he feels drained Cotto.
Mayweather tends to trash talk his opponents and play mental warfare, making it clear that they are not on his level of talent and skill inside the ring, but for whatever reason, he's going the opposite route for this fight.

Floyd is slated to begin a 90-day jail sentence on June 1, so will this affect his performance in any way?

Mayweather is the big favorite to win at -650, while Cotto is at +475.
Most bettors feel the fight will go at least 10 full rounds at -230.
So now, its time for us to take a look at the so-called boxing experts of the B/R Boxing Community and see what kind of wisdom or expertise they can offer for the rest of the fight fans shall we?
The Margarito rematch proved that Cotto could outbox a shot, damaged goods version of the first man to ever beat him, whose eye was highly in question before the fight even began.
With all that being said, had this Mayweather fight taken place in 2007 at 147 lbs when Cotto was more so still in his prime and still had that killer instinct, then this might have actually been a good fight, but it's now 2012, and this current version of Cotto will get countered all night by the superiorly skilled best boxer on the planet who's already bragging about being 43-0.
History shows us this will most likely go to another comfortably wide decision for Money May. But if you have $200 that you absolutely do not need, then put a $100 on Cotto by KO, for that is the only way Cotto can win.
No one is going to win a decision against Mayweather. At 10-to-1 odds, you will win $1,000. Put another $100 on a draw at 33/1 odds, you will win $3,300. But again, this is if you absolutely do not need this $200, because you will have a better chance seeing the real life non-hologram Tupac Shakur walking down the street first before seeing either of these results happening Saturday night.