Friday, 30 November 2012

Austin Trout vs Miguel Cotto Live Exclusive 12-Rounds PPV Boxing HD Video Coverage On Sky.TV - 01St,Dec!

Miguel Cotto vs. Austin Trout:Fight Time, Live Stream, Date, TV Info and More!

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UPCOMING INFO : Miguel Cotto vs Austin Trout
COMPETITION NAME : Trout's WBA 'Regular' Title 2012
COMPETITOR : Cotto vs Trout
DATE : Saturday, 01St,Dec,2012
TIME/WHEN START : 09:00 PM [ET] / 06:00 PM [PT]
VENUE : New York. 

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One of the classic scenarios in boxing will unfold on Saturday night: a seasoned veteran and a promising up-and-comer battle for a world title. And while many were surprised when Miguel Cotto selected a virtual unknown for his next bout, to Cotto it made perfect sense. “Austin Trout is an undefeated champion who was next in line,” he says. “I respect him for accepting the challenge.”

In many ways, these two men have much in common.  Both display admirable personal qualities, are very committed to their families, show great respect for the sport, and fight with precision and technique. Without the controversy and trash talk surrounding most bouts today, this one could seem almost boring to write about. But let’s take another approach and applaud the fact that boxers like Cotto and Trout exist today, bringing the attention back to the ring as opposed to the antics outside of it.

Miguel Cotto is one of the most respected boxers in the world, and rightly so. He has fought countless renowned fighters, including the two most elite names in the sport, Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather, who cites Cotto as being his toughest opponent ever. While he was clearly off the mark with Pacquiao, his stellar performance against Mayweather solidified his place as a future Hall of Famer.

A brave, determined and highly skilled fighter, Miguel Cotto certainly deserves his place among boxing’s finest. He’s multi-dimensional, using his fierce jab from the outside and masterful bodywork on the inside. Cotto is impressive as the aggressor, but he can also adapt easily to defend himself. His versatility can confuse most any opponent and give him the upper hand, especially in the early rounds. What Cotto lacks, if anything, is speed and movement.

Miguel Cotto’s skill is equally matched by his outstanding character. This was clearly illustrated when he agreed to a rematch with Antonio Margarito in 2011, who had earned a highly controversial “win” over Cotto in 2008 due to illegally plaster-packed hands. Cotto brutalized Margarito the second time around and boxing fans across the world reveled in the fact that justice had been finally served.

Cotto will enter the ring on very familiar turf this Saturday. His history at Madison Square Garden is close to legendary, and he has won the hearts of some of the toughest fans in the world—New Yorkers. There’s no doubt that fighting in Cotto’s “second home” will give him a great advantage. This is a boisterous, loud and enormous crowd that will notoriously cheer every punch that he throws. When asked if he feels pressure to perform in front of a sea of loyal fans, Cotto simply says, “No, I am just going to enjoy the moment.” On the same note, he thinks that the crowd will intimidate Trout and affect his concentration. So, the question is, with Cotto’s experience, technical ability, strength, and the fight taking place in his home away from home, does Trout even stand a chance? I believe that he does. It may be a small chance, but one nonetheless.

Austin Trout is an undefeated southpaw hailing from Las Cruces, New Mexico. He earned his WBA title via a well-deserved win over Rigoberto Alvarez in Alvarez’s hometown of Guadalajara, Mexico in 2011. He is no stranger to hostile territory, earning many of his wins outside of the United States.

Trout is a humble, likeable young man who is as much a fan of the sport as he is a fighter. In fact, he is a fan of Miguel Cotto. When asked about fighting someone who he looks up to, Trout confidently and candidly says that he has “always dreamed of fighting boxers that he admires.” On that list he includes Floyd Mayweather, Roy Jones Jr. and Sugar Ray Leonard. He’s also honest to the core, stating, “I want to do things the right way, no façade, no fake, I just want to be me and have the fans embrace me as me.”

Although Trout had a tremendous amateur career and was an alternate for the 2004 Olympics, he has been virtually anonymous as a pro. “I believe the powers that be don’t want me in boxing,” he says. “I had to climb through the window to get in.” Well, the door has now opened and Trout knows that this is his golden opportunity to become a serious contender, and perhaps even a household name.

Trout is known for his defense, counterpunching, and speed. But he’ll need to up his game and become more aggressive to overcome Cotto’s power and astute command of the ring. He admits that he has never faced an opponent like Miguel Cotto and that “a totally defensive fight is not the key to victory.” But Trout has the reach and height advantage, along with speed, so if he uses his strengths wisely and can stay focused amidst the mayhem of the crowd, he has a shot. And there’s nothing in his history to suggest that he won’t be able to handle the gravity of the situation. As my dear friend and boxing aficionado T.O.N.E-z put it, he’s a “calm lion.”

To me, both of these fighters are warriors in their own unique way. Cotto has proven himself time and time again, fighting the best the boxing world has to offer. Trout has had to face an uphill battle in the sport, earning this opportunity, and virtually every opportunity, due to a great amount of determination, faith, and inner-strength.

Both fighters have the ability to bring out the best in each other Saturday night. But I believe that Cotto has much more at stake. For Austin Trout, even stepping into the ring with Miguel Cotto is a victory.